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Who we are

We are a leading seller in the flooring market offering a revolutionary stock selection in tile, wood, carpet, flooring accessories and related tools – We offer our premium prices to qualified candidates only including: Dealers, Contractors, Builders & Retailers. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Michigan.


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Why we’re the best

We have a team dedicated to researching every flooring type in the world to make sure we offer only the most versatile products on the market to fit your needs. Our products diversity are built to fit every need from small families, homes with pets, and busy commercial areas. Our motto is to ensure the best things in your life are equipped with the best flooring.


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Flooring revolution

Is it critical to you to make your home or business the talk of the town? If you have an idea, we have the reality. Any reason you can possibly imagine to start that next project off the right way, we have you covered.


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the truckload purchase

That’s right, we buy by the truckload. If you’re getting charged retail price, stop buying from the wrong place. Purchasing anything in bundles saves you money, but not everyone needs 10,000 tiles in order to re-do their kitchen. That’s where we took that giant step for you by conjoining purchases to get you better deals.


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Let me start by welcoming you to our family. Coming to our website means you have shown interest in the products we sell and I cannot  thank you enough for considering us as your primary flooring dealer. You’ll come to find that we have every type of flooring to match any individual’s needs when it comes to making sure that your dream projects, become a reality. If you prefer immediate help, call in and we will make sure to get you set up & taken care of. Who knows? You might even get me!


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Every purchase you make with any major manufacturer, you get a discount if you buy in bulk. But not everyone needs 1000 tiles to re-do their kitchen, or 200 rolls of carpet to make their living room the dream sequence they’ve been always wanting. That’s why here at Floorbroker.com you can rely on us to give you that discounted price of 1000 tiles or 200 rolls even if you only want 10 tiles or 1 roll. We set off this project simply because we could offer those prices and we are overstocked on merchandise which allows us to give you those prices without even a second look. Most companies actually can offer the price we do, but won’t because it cuts their profit margin in half or even up to 3/4.

But why over charge for a product that comes in abundance anyway? That’s what we ask ourselves everyday here and the solution to that question is just simply, to not charge that much. That’s why we have an entire team dedicated to online flooring marketing research to make sure that you get the most versatile products to meet your specific needs.[/sm_column_text]

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We’ve had to cut a lot of ties over the years in order to make sure we only offer top quality brands. Following up with every-single-one of our customers was a top priority to get their feedback on how they felt about the products we offer. Any product you see listed on our site we have had over at the minimum, 100 customers review with us and tell us the pro’s and con’s. 9/10 times it was only pro’s though. Which is good because we are then able to offer a larger variety of colors, styles, types, and dimensions of different brands. Keeping eco-friendly and other types of flooring that are healthy for both your environment and perception is a must.

Don’t settle for less with companies that just count you as a sales number. They’ll sell you whatever product they make the most profit margin on and tell you it’s the bee-knees without even asking what your needs really are. Here at Floorbroker.com we have set up several different contact and question forms to ensure we are the right company to bring you the right product. And that the product we give you, is going to be the best it can be in the environment you want it in.[/sm_column_text][sm_empty_space height=”15px”]

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The Google Trusted Stores program helps shoppers like yourself feel confident in their purchases across the web. Google allows merchants who meet precise shipping and customer service performance metrics to participate in this free program. Participating merchants display the Google Trusted Store badge on their web sites. When you opt in for free purchase protection, and you’re unable to resolve an eligible issue with the qualifying merchant, Google will help you by working with the merchant to come to a resolution, which may result in a refund or replacement.

After you make a purchase from a Google Trusted Store, most users have the option of opting in to purchase protection. There is no fee or charge to opt in for free purchase protection from Google Trusted Stores. At this time, purchase protection is offered per-order and only at the time of purchase.[/sm_column_text]

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