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[sm_column_text]Anatolia Tile + Stone’s mission is to offer impeccable end-to-end service and provide the most innovative and reliable inventory in the tile industry, thereby enabling our customers to satisfy the needs of their clients. Our size, strength and stability are founded on our dedication to our customers and our products. The current, 600,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is the largest of its kind in North America, and provides access to more than 160,000 pallets, with nearly 120 million square feet of tile and mosaic inventory ready for immediate shipment.

The mission is to offer impeccable end-to-end service and provide the most innovative and reliable inventory in the tile industry, thereby enabling our customers to satisfy the needs of their clients. Our size, strength and stability are founded on our dedication to our customers and our products.[/sm_column_text]

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[sm_column_text]The story of Anatolia Tile & Stone is a deep legacy of innovation and excellence whose foundation was laid in Turkey dating back to 1933 with family patriarch Bekir Elmaagacli, a real estate developer in Ankara. Since then, Anatolia Tile & Stone has grown to establish itself as a company based on passion, dedication and drive. Anatolia Tile & Stone was incorporated in Canada in 1995, founded by three siblings of the Elmaagacli Family, Bekir Elmaagacli – Managing Director, Cengiz Elmaagacli – Sales & Marketing Director and Berrin Elmaagacli – Customer Service Director. Currently, they are all actively involved in every aspect of Anatolia Tile & Stone’s operations and continue to draw strength from the business principals and integrity passed down through three generations of the Elmaagacli family. We owe our success to our constant re-thinking of how to elevate the ordinary to the outstanding, developing products tailored to the needs of our retailers, partners and consumers.

In the year 2005, the company achieved annual imports of over 8,000 containers. Building on its past success Anatolia Tile & Stone constructed its original 275,000 sq. ft. distribution centre with an inventory capacity of over 90 million sq. ft. Anatolia, in its short history is a success story, becoming the largest importer of Turkish ceramic tile in North America. In a few brief years, we have outgrown our capacity and are expanding our facilities yet again to accommodate annual imports exceeding 15,000 containers in 2016.[/sm_column_text]

[sm_section_header title=”Amaya Wood” show_underline=””][sm_column_text]Anatolia Amaya Wood gives any space the illustrious style of expensive hardwood with the durability and versatility of porcelain tile. Rich in detail and color, the Anatolia Amaya Wood Collection is designed to replicate the exotic visual of illustrious wood which is often associated with high-end furniture and a minimalist design. The Anatolia Amaya Wood Collection is designed with durability and performance in mind allowing it to be used in any room, including bathrooms and kitchens.[/sm_column_text]
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[sm_section_header title=”Centurywood HD” show_underline=””][sm_column_text]Soho runs on the walls in a play of lines and surfaces. All around, the vibes of metropolitan life. The decorative spirit is second nature to the brick format, creating alluring combinations on the walls. [/sm_column_text]
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[sm_section_header title=”Farmhouse HD” show_underline=””][sm_column_text]As pieces of art in their own right, the surfaces of Charme dress residential and commercial spaces offering color combinations of natural luxury. The marble effects total look is brand new and the expression of a contemporary feel. Porcelain floors and walls dressed with an exquisite style. [/sm_column_text]
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[sm_section_header title=”Vintage Wood” show_underline=””][sm_column_text]Freedom is the porcelain ceramic collection for floors and walls that reflects genuine slate in a contemporary way, created for spaces that express an immense tie with nature and with traditional American architecture. Color versatility and magnetic charm make any surface a work of art, unique and unrepeatable. Sizes, colors and decors enrich the creativity of interior designer to create amazing venues.[/sm_column_text]
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[sm_section_header title=”Natural Design” show_underline=””][sm_column_text]Marked and elegant, the Natural Design collection creates cozy and warm atmospheres in contemporary style venues. The intense and extremely natural color of the wood-look surface pervades the living space giving strong visual emotions and warm tactile feels. Any wood essence is a blend of different shades that make the surface a pleasant mix of hues and nuances. The contemporary venue takes on a strong and bold character thanks to the marked identity of graphic details and knots that are so typical of natural wood manufacturing.[/sm_column_text]
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