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Our Engineered Wood (Hardwood) products offer you the most natural wood product on the market at a laminate price. Subtle hand scraping and matte finish are just two huge features which enhance this product to look like floors costing five times as much. The quality of Angle’s Engineered Wood has topped many consumer reports and will last you a lifetime and gain unique characteristics that add richness, charm, and a classical feel. Angle offers a 5 Year Wear Warranty and 20 Year Structure Limited warranty to insure lasting beauty and performance.



  • Material: Timber
  • Dimensions/Construction: 5″ Planks with Various Lengths
  • Sq. Ft./Carton: 25.84
  • Thickness: 9.2mm (1.2mm Ven. + 7mm CARB 2 HD + 1mm Back Ven.)
  • Locking: Valigne System with IPX Pad
  • ABCD Grade & Wire Brush

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