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Group Buying




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[sm_dropcap style=”inverted-arch” color=”#006621″]B[/sm_dropcap]asically, what we do is find a group of motivated buyers who are looking to purchase a product or multiple products from the same manufacturer. Once the orders are we placed we combine them and establish leverage with the manufacturer to ensure these purchases to get a drastically lower price.

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Cost per Carton Buying from OUR COMPETITORS

$4.44 per SQ./Ft.


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COST PER Carton Buying from Floorbroker.com

$3.25 per SQ./Ft.

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COst per Carton From FLOOR BROKER IN Group Buying

$2.88 per SQ./Ft.


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[sm_dropcap style=”inverted-arch”]M[/sm_dropcap]anufacturer’s publish a price list to a retailer that looks something like the following 2 examples.  One being carpet the other a hard surface product.


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[sm_column_text][sm_dropcap style=”inverted-arch” color=”#006621″]A[/sm_dropcap]s you can see, they offer a discount for ONLY if you buy “cut to roll,” or “carton to pallet.” We see it differently: if we can get you the best price, then we both benefit in the long run. See, here at Floorbroker.com we are taking the extra step to buy 50 rolls or 22 pallets; and if the manufacturers don’t sell them to us at the price YOU DESERVE, we are going to tell them that we will buy it from their competitor who has a similar product. So YOU reap the benefits while WE take on the brokering.
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