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We don’t believe in insane mark ups. Big Box & Franchise flooring companies offer “70% Off” discounts or “Free Labor” (which is seriously the biggest joke in the flooring industry, Hint: they are marking the pad up triple to cover the cost of labor).  We also don’t believe in private labeling products like big box or franchise stores that make it almost impossible to comparison shop or for a product, sometimes they’ll even show you the exact same product with different names at a different price just so you feel more secure paying for the original.We believe in brokering the lowest price for each and every client.  Our margins are fixed to offer unbeatable pricing without the need to haggle.  In fact, our discounts are given automatically depending on the volume of your purchase. Our pricing model is based on a program called “builder pricing” which is a common discount offered to builders, contractors, re-modelers and designers. The truth is, there’s a cruel chain when it comes to purchasing. Starting at the mill, branded by the company, distributed to the supplier, then finally sold to you. We start at the source, haggling both the mills and the brands from making an extra buck off you as consumers. The mills and the brands know we can sell it for more, so they want more. We don’t do business with those companies, plain and simple, it’s a decision that costs us millions of dollars per year. We serve as the front line to your premium flooring deals and we refuse to let you be engulfed by unfair pricing.We give away professional consultations, for free. Constantly researching & updating our offerings to ensure it is better than anyone else’s paid stuff. Research is a never ending process here at Floor Broker, and that data is your peace of mind.

How We Get You The Best Price – vs. – If You Buy From Retail Stores

Our Truckload Purchase Defines Your Individual Purchase

Any purchase you make, you can get a discount if you buy in bulk. But not everyone needs 10,000 sq/ft of tile to update their kitchen, or even 500 rolls of carpet for their living room; even though they want the best price. Our customers as a whole give us immense buying power much like the big box. You can rely on our ‘big box esque’ buying power to ensure that we are buying your products at a discount. You can rely on us to give you a discounted price, then discount it even more if you do need the bulk quantity. We set off this project simply because we could offer those prices with our overstock of merchandise. We have an entire team dedicated to Online Flooring Marketing Research to make sure that whatever price you pay for your next project, comes at the very lowest price possible if you purchase it from us.

Top Brands, Top Quality, Lowest Price

We’ve had to cut a lot of ties over the years in order to make sure we only offer top quality brands and products. First, we always ask our professional affiliates for their feedback on all our products they utilize.  Second, we determine how those products best match our consumers needs. Then finally, we asked for quotes from several of our competitors and we noticed a pattern of them choosing a product they make the most profit margin on and tell you it’s the bee-knees, those exact products they offered us – we note to avoid. Finally, we integrated our steps to set up several different contact and question forms to ensure we are the right company to bring you the right product. And that the product we give you, is going to be the best it can be in the environment you want it in.

Interior Designer Help

Before samples get sent out we consult with our in house interior designer to make sure it is the correct style for your use.

Product Comparison

We get in touch with all essential products needed for your vision and let you choose which you love the most of the variations.


Customer Service

Along the way we are here whenever you have any questions or comments. We will get back to you immediately.

Flooring Retailers Are Greedy

No Insane Markups Or

Commissioned Sales

Big Box Markups on floor covering are so high that when you see an offer of 70% Off!” or better yet, “Free Labor!” They know the contractor is already being compensated for his time and effort so why not market it like they’re doing you a favor? Here, we offer fair deals without the hassle. Our fixed margin system consistently beats the big box stores by 15% and main street retailers by 25% or more.  Furthermore you won’t have a con artist/sales person over your back forcing your decision and squeezing you for every last cent.

You Don’t Need 5,000 Shades Of Grey

The flooring industry is facing a major choice paradox at the moment.  There are WAY TOO MANY options available with identical & similar attributes. Why waste your time looking at the same shade of beige or grey just to find out it’s out of your budget or not tough enough to hold up to your family?  Simply explain to us what your flooring needs are and we will send you only styles and colors that fit your needs while also considering your budget. The best bang for your buck is only a few questions away.

  We Offer Nationwide Job Site Delivery

We are experts at logistics and can ship any of our floors directly to your job-site in about 7 to 10 business days at a fraction of the cost.  We strategically combine customer purchases & shipments to over 200 hubs located throughout the United States so you can enjoy drastically discounted rates. Also, because we organize our customer’s orders, we can often off-set cost with shared rates with someone else in your geographic region.

Trusted By Pro’s In The Know

We Asked a Few of Our Clients About Their Experience:

Brandon VentimigliaMadison Heights, MI

“I really can’t thank you enough.”

“Initially I thought you were just another supplier giving me the run around about low prices. I’m glad I kept my guard up though because it kept me from making the wrong move with another company. I have increased my overall sales and overall profit margin by more than 30% after switching to you and I really can’t thank you enough.

Brandon Ventimiglia

  Founder & CEO of BMV Carpets

Sharon Lewinski

Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you Floor Broker!”

“After spending countless hours sorting through hundreds of samples, I never thought your few questions would make this so much easier. My home looks the way I always wanted since I went with this beautiful hardwood alternative. So far so good, cleaning is definitely easier! Thank you Floor Broker!

Sharon Lewinski

  Verified Customer of

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